Post-workout food! Buffalo chicken wrap and a chocolate jimmy carter shake. Nothing better for speedy recovery.

Honestly, one of the toughest things we're going to need to think about on this trip is fueling our bodies. At 8-10 hours per day in the saddle, we're burning a ton of calories (6000+). This means we need to be eating pretty much constantly unless we want our bodies to start disintegrating. And since none of us are using this trip as a crash dieting opportunity, it would be nice to actually eat excess calories so we have a chance of building muscle during July. Because we're carrying everything on our backs (er, mostly on racks on the back of our seatposts) we need to be wary of picking up too much extra weight by packing food. We'll obviously have to pack some food for between stops, but we're probably going to end up relying on a fair number of roadside restaurants/gas stations/coffee shops. The good news: we're burning so many calories that it doesn't really matter what kind of food it is. The bad news: the rural roads of America aren't known for their cuisine. So, friends: plan to cook nice things for us when we return! We'll devour them.