While sleeping in at the Hyatt would have been amazing, we woke before the sunrise to dash over to the ferry terminal. The red sunrise peeked over Lake Michigan as we boarded the boat for a 6am departure. 

The ferry took 2.5 hours and we lost an hour due to the time change. After arriving in Muskegon, we headed east on the Muskatewa trail for about 30 miles. We kept a slower than average pace of about 15 mph and chatted while riding 3 abreast. This is our official second and final rest day, so we wanted to take it nice and easy. 

We planned a rendezvous point with my Dad about 30 miles outside Muskegon. The plan was to meet there, drive to my parents home in Grand Rapids, and take the remaining part of the rest day there. 

The plan worked well, and we arrived just in time for a lunch prepared by my mom. We continued to snack throughout the day, but made sure we cleaned all our gear including our bikes. We showered, shaved, and changed into some of my old clothes while the laundry was finishing. 

My sister Ellie, my soon to be brother-in-law Andrew and his Aunt Sally came over to visit, followed by my sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Jeff. 

Even though we were eating most of the day, we packing in another vegetable-laiden feast for dinner. We shared many stories from the road with my family, while my family told many embarrassing stories of my childhood. 

We talked over local beers and dessert into the night. Bedtime came all to soon, although getting to sleep in my childhood bunk bed is a perfect end to our first day in Michigan. Every time I come home, I'm reminded just how awesome my family is. It will be tough leaving here in the morning to get back on the road.