Sometimes on a rainy day in Boston, it's tough to get motivated to go outside and get on the bike to ride on the potentially treacherous streets of the city when your bed is completely dry and warm. But since biking across the country doesn't allow for a day off just because of some pesky rain, there's a point at which we've got to get used to conquering our dislike of being uncomfortable in favor of the end reward. On our trip, the reward is that we get 120 miles farther in a day instead of sitting in our tent and waiting out the rain and then having to make up that distance later. While we're still in Boston, that ultimate reward is harder to see - a warm bed is quite tangible compared to those extra muscle fibers added to our legs from a morning ride in the rain.

But on these rainy days where it sucks to get on the bike, there are still some things to get excited about as we prepare to embark on this crazy trip (three weeks and one day before we fly out!). For one, our custom jerseys. These things were designed just for us by Don's sister, who has a secret calling as a sportswear designer. Aren't these things sweet? (Thanks, Gail!)

Though they won't arrive until the day before we leave for our trip, it's still pretty exciting to see what we'll be wearing out there on the road for July. And, in case any of you guys happen to be out there somewhere on a hot day in July, hopefully you can spot us by recognizing these jerseys!