We weren't up until 8 AM this morning.  This was late for us, but the benefits we derive from sleeping in comfortable beds, especially after yesterday's push to Niagara, made this necessary.  Niagara Falls, ON is a tourist trap, similar to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco or Las Vegas, NV. The night before, when planning our route, we located a place that was an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet so when we woke up, we headed right for it.

In this blog, we've not had the occasion to be critical of any place we've stayed or have eaten but today will be different. The all-you-can-eat buffet place around the corner from the hotel is the exception.

After being seated, they asked for out drink order, 3 waters. The waiter said they only had bottled and it would be $3 each!  We declined and ended up drinking out of the bathroom faucet.  Look at the "fresh" fruit below. Yes, right out of a can.

We knew we would get going late after yesterday's ride, but it was even later than we thought after a quick sightseeing stop followed by customs. As we approached customs, we were sent left with the automobiles, not right with the pedestrians.

Our first stop was a Tim Hortons which was delightfully cool inside as the temps got into the 90s.

We went in for a drink, but after my cousin Marie commented on the blog about their donuts, we each got one, and they were excellent. 

We had lunch in LeRoy NY, typical fare - yogurt, fruit, and turkey/cheese lettuce wraps which we ate in the store.

Because of our late start we didn't  know how far we would get today. We were going to be following Route 20 through the small towns along the Finger Lakes and ambitiously thought Geneva might be a good destination, but after a tire blow out just west of Lima (pronounced like the bean), we knew we could only make Canandaigua.  

We didn't have a place to stay, and the two campgrounds there would pull us far of our route, so we contacted Command Central. I'm not sure exactly how my sister Gail did it, but she sent a message to her friends and found us a place where we could pitch our tent. This is the connection - my sister Gail Hvidsten has a friend in Needham, Jennie Moore whose husband Mike has fraternity brother from Clarkson, Terry Fischer who lives in Canadaigua. Terry was in Denver on business, but he had us contact his wife, Gretchen who was home with two of their three sons. We called from LIma about 18 miles away and were there in under an hour (we averaged close to 19 mph today). 

When we got there, Gretchen opened her home to us.  It was wonderful.  We put our bikes in the garage, and cooled off with a dip in the pool.

We each took showers and when we were done, she put our bike clothes in the laundry. We had a beer while we waited for the others to shower and then headed off to a local restaurant that Gretchen recommended.  She also recommended what to order, which was perfect.

When we got back to the house, Gretchen had set up a bed downstairs for Justin as well as a queen upstairs where Dave and I slept. This incredible hospitality was not anticipated - we were just looking for a spot for our tent - but much appreciated.  Here are the four of us. 

I'm off to sleep now, the recipient of incredible hospitality, excited for a second night in a bed and feeling very grateful to be in such a warm and inviting home.


We woke up to another wet, foggy morning.


Today is unique in that without cell or internet connection in Canada, we decided to forego using command central (Don's sisters), and make our way east on our own. We ran into many confusing turns and dead ends/gravel roads, but eventually navigated through London, Brantville, and Hamilton stopping about every 40-50 miles for a break. 

Our stops included breakfast at Helen's Restaurant, a break at Baker's Dozen bakery, and a late lunch at Starbucks where we just brought in groceries and had a feast. There at Starbucks, we decided to try to make it to Niagara Falls, 68 miles away because we knew we knew we would be able to find a hotel. Although it wasn't easy, we pushed it hard for the next 3 hours without a break.

We knew we were getting close when we saw the locks and bridges. 

With 15 miles to go we knew we would make it to Niagra just before sunset. We arrived exhausted at 8pm. But enough energy to take a selfie at the falls.


We showered and ate dinner at a BBQ restaurant. We cycled the longest distance yet this trip: 148 miles. Same as the Brewery 2 Brewery ride. Too bad there's no Harpoon IPA around these parts. 

Tomorrow, we'll sleep in. :)