At about 5 am, thunderstorms rolled in and woke us up. Strong rain and lightning flashes were reason enough to keep us in our tent until about 7 am. After a quick stop at McDonalds for breakfast (literally the only thing open), we finally hit the road around 9 - the latest start yet. There appeared to be a shortcut on the map which avoided a major freeway, so we decided to take it. Unfortunately, about 6 miles in, we discovered it turned to a dirt road. After yesterday, we vowed to avoid unpaved roads at all costs and turned around. After searching for an alternative route around the freeway, we finally started making forward progress at 10:20 am. In the picture below, you can see us getting onto pavement (yes, even when trying to avoid it, dirt roads kept finding us) and heading east!

The day quickly turned hot, but there was little time for frequent stops. We powered in to Lusk, WY for a lunch stop after about 59 miles. We bought a hefty serving and spread out in the local park to pack it in. 

Given our late start, it was already 3:15 by the time we departed Lusk, heading toward Nebraska. Unfortunately, we began experiencing strong cross winds. We altered our typical straight draft pattern to fly more like geese migrating. This worked well, but taking up the whole lane required frequent spotting for cars behind us. 

The scenery was particularly boring today. Maybe we have been spoiled? 

But we did eventually make it to Nebraska! Finally, we are officially in the Midwest! 

At this point in the day, the winds became stronger and now directly east to west, causing a brutal headwind. Our pace markedly decreased, and the day continued to drag on. A much needed long downhill brought us near our destination. 

Finally, after several hours of unexpected extra time on the saddle, we made it to Fort Robinson after 121.6 miles, where Don's sister Diane made a reservation for us at the local lodge. We were more than excited, especially on an exhausting day like today, to be inside and sleeping on real beds. 

We showered, ate some simple but awesome food at the restaurant in the lodge - and headed to bed. The sun caught up with us today, so we will be sure to be using tons of sunblock tomorrow, when we wake up early and do it all again. :)


  1. Oh no!! Hope that looks worse than it feels!! Praying for tail winds.

  2. Bad day at Black Rock

  3. Laura Bliss7/10/2014

    Dave Young, you are my hero!!!! Reading about your adventures gives me goosebumps. Keep kicking butt and working on that tan line!

  4. Maggie Minton7/10/2014

    Dave!! Love to the blog! If coming through St. Louis let me know if you need a place to stay or anything! Rocking the bike tan!

  5. Doug Kauffman7/10/2014

    Welcome to Nebraska....The Good Life!!!!

  6. Welcome to the Midwest! Happy to hear u had a lodge awaiting u for the night. Great picture in Nebraska. Enjoy the corn dogs . Mark

  7. First thing i do when I get to work is check the progress of the team. The pictures and stories have been terrific. It also sounds like Dianne, Gail and Lauren could run the world if necessary from the Command Center. Good luck on the remainder of the trip. Can't wait to keep reading.

  8. Anonymous7/10/2014

    You boys got GAM(E)S !!!

  9. Love the migrating birds formation!

  10. Jason and I (SPTA) are very proud of you all. Keep up the good work !! See you in Boston soon !!