We awoke with everything covered in dew again (you might think we'd learn our lesson and figure out how to avoid wet clothes, but oh well). The campground was also shrouded in fog, and a little chilly, so we quickly got moving on our bikes. The fog on the narrow country roads made visibility low, so we rode cautiously.

Soon enough we got to the town of Lapeer, where Dave picked us out a great breakfast place with an all-you-can-eat buffet! We enjoyed the unlimited calories and then went out to the park lot, where some motorcyclists were similarly about to leave. Their motors were much louder than ours but we still beat them out of the parking lot.

We tried to hussle a little for the rest of the morning, since we knew that Dave's father was meeting us in Port Huron to take us across the Blue Water bridge to Canada. For those who haven't tried biking across this bridge: while it's technically feasible it would be highly dangerous, since there's no shoulder, and the border control also doesn't allow it. Thus why we needed Dave's dad! When we finally arrived, we loaded the bikes on the back of his car, and headed across the bridge. We enjoyed some amazing lunches packed for us by Dave's mother in the car, too!

We got through customs without a hitch, though the officer definitely thought we are crazy for what we're doing. We unloaded in a Tim Horton's parking lot in Sarnia on the Canadian side, and then headed straight to the east for the afternoon.

Basically one road took us the entire next 45 miles, all the way to Strathroy, where we're camping tonight. We were led by the campground owner (on a golf cart) back to a site, where we set up camp.

After a fairly long walk into town from the campground, we took care of some dinner and even had time for a little dessert trip afterwards.

Headed to sleep now in a peaceful campground, and excited for a second day of Canada tomorrow!


  1. Hi, nice to see u have had an incident free day in Mapleleafland. Enjoy the doughnuts at Hortons and be safe. Lean on the wifi in Canada guys. Ciao

  2. Love your doodles! Bottom right is the best ;). That campground is so green! Dave's dad is awesome! Enjoy Canada!!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! My non-artistic self is very flattered.

  3. Andrew7/21/2014

    I like your bikes and I hope you have a safe trip 2 Boston. :D Are those your doodles on the dinner table?

  4. Saves Dad rocks!! Glad you are safe another day. Are you singing, O Canada?

  5. Hi, glad to hear you are all safe after the incident. Enjoy the international leg of your journey and stay on the wifi as we discussed earlier. Ciao

  6. How do the Canadian drivers compare with the American ones?

  7. Should read. DAVE'S dad rocks!

  8. Gosh....you just UNLOADED in a Timmy Horton's parking lot, but did not go in for donuts? Hard to believe that even a Boston-bred Dunkin Donuts loyalty could quell the desire for a Timmy Horton's donut. I guess it may have been the amazing lunches from Dave's mom, but I really don't ever remember seeing Donald turn down food...ever.

  9. Melanie L. Daglian7/21/2014

    Donald does not turn down food.