We had an early start from Boulder Creek Lodge and made good time to Philipsburg. We didn't bother stopping there in the interest of time, and charged up a huge hill to Georgetown Lake. It was a brutal climb, but there was a heart shape in the mountain face which made us feel warm inside. We love you too Montana.  

From there was continued on and eventually took our first break in Anaconda, 38 miles in. After the break, we has a hard time finding another spot to eat, stopping at the Hitching Post finally at 98 miles. 

After a 15 minute nap, we hit the road again, well more like a trail. We were told to ride an unimproved road to Twin Bridges by our friends at Adventure Cycling. Unfortunately, the road was basically a wide mountain biking trail with tons of rocks and loose gravel. Our road wheels were not made for this. 

Besides, as we climbed a huge mountain at about 4-5 miles per hour, we realized we were colliding with a fast moving storm cell, with lightning strikes about a mile away from us. The rain was hitting hard like hail. 

Just as we were about to take cover in lightning position, a big truck came rolling over the hill. We waved them down and asked if they had room to bring us the few miles we had left down the mountain. They had just finished a fishing trip and were towing a boat; they told us to throw the bikes in the back and jump on the truck bed. We were saved from the storm and the end of the brutal rocky downhill. 

We took cover in a grocery store and took comfort in hot chocolate goodness before setting out for the final 20 miles to Alder, MT, where and RV/campground was located. We ransacked the little camp stored for all things edible including a six pack. We were able to do laundry here for the first time of the trip and stole a quick shower before bed. Tomorrow is expected to be longer than the 132 miles we covered today. 


  1. Glad you guys didn't get caught in the downpour! It's wonderful reading these updates. Stay safe and happy 4th!

  2. Hi hope u enjoy a few brews on the 4 th if July. We are enjoying the S2B story every day. Be well, Mark & Mary

  3. Nice to see Justin with a Cheshire cat grin behind 3-4 bottles of beer.
    Good work, guys!

  4. I get exhausted just reading about your daily ride. What I *really* want to know is whether you draw straws to see who has to stay up and write the blog and who gets to go to bed! If I were to draw the short straw, the blog would be one sentence long. I'm glad you aren't like me, because I love your blog. And you even include photos!

    1. Believe me, we get exhausted thinking about it, too!

      And we have just been rotating so far with posting, but you're right that it's tough to find the energy - especially when it's 10pm by the time we've set up the tent, brushed our teeth, and have to get up at 5!

  5. Haha -- I agree with twila. How on earth do you find energy to write posts!?

    I think this blog is rapidly becoming "eating absurd quantities of food across america" -- reminds me of canoe tripping, where you're burning so many calories, you just become obsessed with food and can't get enough. You guys are serious champs! Sending you warm thoughts for perfect diners and comfortable sleeping spots in your future!

  6. King Offutt7/07/2014

    As I was in the truck that hauled you guys off the rainy goat trail b/t Twin Bridges and Melrose MT, I have to question, "a few miles"!

    Glad we were able to help you guys out....that was going to be a miserable experience.

    Also, saw you all lead the 4th of July parade thru Ennis - I hope you got a picture of that scene!

    Stay safe and have fun!

    1. King Offutt, you are AWESOME! Thank you!
      —Don's sister